Simply share your screenshots by taking them and your files by dropping them on the menu bar.

Easy drag’n’drop file sharing

Drag and drop a file or multiple files to the Clipitto icon in menu bar and share the link with your family, friends, colleagues or whoever you want.

Instant link availability

Don't wait until the upload is complete. Clipitto places the link in your clipboard instantly after you take the screenshot or drop a file on the menu bar.

Automatic screenshots uploading

You can set Clipitto to automatically upload screenshots for you and, if you like, it will also clean up the original files.


Clipitto is allowed to access only a dedicated folder in your Dropbox account. Enjoy the freedom of a full control over the files you upload.

Intelligent links grouping

Clipitto intelligently groups the links in your clipboard as you sequentially upload more files in a user-specified time limit.

Recent files

Clipitto allows you to access five most recently uploaded files, open them up in your browser, or just copy a shortened link to your clipboard.

Quick link retrieval

You can easily retrieve shortened links for files that you have recently uploaded - and without opening a browser. Just navigate to Clipitto menu and click the clip button.

URL shortener

Not only files, you can also drag and drop URL links directly from your favourite browser to get a shortened version of the link.

How Does It Work?

Download and launch
the app
Take a screenshot Drop a file or multiple
files on the menu bar
Use ⇧⌘S on selected
file(s) in Finder
Use a context menu of
selected file(s) in Finder
The file begins to upload
to your Dropbox and, at the
same time, the link is placed in
the clipboard for quick sharing :-)
OS X 10.7.3+ and
Dropbox account
(Don't you have one?)